Social and Human Service Assistants



Social and Human Service Assistants

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Occupation Description

Assist in providing client services in a wide variety of fields, such as psychology, rehabilitation, or social work, including support for families. May assist clients in identifying and obtaining available benefits and social and community services. May assist social workers with developing, organizing, and conducting programs to prevent and resolve problems relevant to substance abuse, human relationships, rehabilitation, or dependent care.

Typical Job Duties

Advise clients or community groups on health issues.
Assist clients in handling details of daily life.
Collaborate with other professionals to assess client needs or plan treatments.
Help clients get needed services or resources.
Interview clients for information about their backgrounds, needs, or progress.
Maintain social services program records.
Refer clients to community or social service programs.
Teach life skills or strategies to clients or their families.
Transport clients to appointments.
Visit individuals in their homes to provide support or information.
Write reports or evaluations.

Washington Pay Range $9.86 - $20.44/hr

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