Patient Care Technician


Patient Care Technician

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Occupation Description

Under the direction of the Clinical Nurse Manager, the patient care technician is responsible for administering direct patient care and performing any other duties deemed necessary to provide optimal patient care and physician service under the direction and supervision of the Professional Nurse.

Typical Job Duties

Report abnormal vital signs, accuchecks, and any important patient information to the charge nurse immediately.
Transport patients to Surgery or other departments.
Provide ice, water, and nourishments to the patients. Maintain patients’ rooms in neat, orderly and safe manner with clear walk-in area.
Utilize the Hospital computer system.
Respect the privacy and security of patients’ personal healthcare information.
Assist the patients with meeting hygiene needs and activities of daily living.
Assist with ambulation, diet, dressing and undressing patients and changing the bed linen.

Washington Pay Range $16.14 - $18.53/hr

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